Friday, January 13, 2012

Make Time For Family Meals

Whether it is running around to participate in after school activities or putting in overtime at work, a big challenge that families face is balancing the demands on their time. The slow-paced family dinners of past generations seem almost impossible in today's fast-paced society. Making family dinner a priority is not easy, but the long-term benefits are well worth the effort.

A family dinner offers a natural forum that fosters togetherness. It can become the highlight of the day and a way to build pleasant family memories. This time together can also give family members a chance to share their lives and to receive encouragement and support.

A great way to get the family excited about eating together is to serve something everyone loves to eat. What better way to bring the family to the table than with delicious, easy-to-prepare pizza. With the addition of two new frozen pizzas from Red Baron®, there is an abundance of pizza options to satisfy everyone's appetites.

Large enough to feed the hungriest family, The Big Baron™ Pizza is easy to make and oven bakes straight from the freezer in just 16 to 18 minutes. It is available in Pepperoni and 4 Cheese varieties.

To add convenience for the time-starved families, the Classic Crust Microwaveable Pizza offers a great-tasting pizza that cooks in just 31/2 minutes. It is available in 4 Cheese, Pepperoni, Supreme and Sausage & Pepperoni.

So now, whether you are looking for a quick and convenient dinner for the family or for an appetizing choice for serving at parties, when unexpected guests drop by or whenever you need more pizza-Red Baron® is the one for everyone.

The new variety of pizzas are currently available nationwide in your grocer's freezer.

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