Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jelly Beans Are A Delicious Easter Treat

Jelly beans are a favorite Easter treat among children and adults both. Who does not like their sweet candy coating and their chewy insides? You would have to be crazy not to! Jelly beans make a great addition to your candy bowl and your Easter basket. In fact, jelly beans are the good old standby that parents all around the world depend upon when they need to add just one more thing to their son or daughters Easter candy list.

Jelly beans come in all different colors. You will find red, orange, purple, pink and green and even white jelly beans just to name a few and they all have their own unique and exciting flavor. Everyone has their own personal favorite flavor and color, just ask your friends what there are and I bet they will be different than yours.

No one need grow out of eating jelly beans, they are a wonderful delicious little candy that everyone should be able to enjoy without any shame at all. Candy is one of the things that bring adults and children together and jelly beans are one of the top candies for this kind of bonding.

Every year there are more and more kinds of jelly beans on the market. There are even some jelly beans that are flavored to taste like things you would never want to put into your mouth. These are novelty candies that children enjoy not because they taste good but because they taste bad.

These kinds of jelly beans have really taken off since the first Harry Potter movie. After that movie came out there were some Harry Potter brand jelly beans made. These had flavors such as vomit and snot! Why would you want to eat these kinds of jelly beans? It is crazy but children certainly ate them up!

Give me the old fashioned colorful jelly beans and I am happy as are most people men, women and children alike. Jelly beans are a classic candy treat that you can give to your children and they can give to theirs, they are fantastic as long as you remember to brush your teeth after you eat them. All of that sugar can wreak havoc on your teeth if you are not careful.

Another concern to always remember at Easter time is that jelly beans are not for everyone. Those children who are still very young should not eat jelly beans as they could choke on them.

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