Friday, April 16, 2010

London Caterers Provide Special Delivery To The Big Brother House!

London's Flying Chef - the City and West End events division of The Chelsea Events Company. Not a fine dining restaurant or one-man/woman private cook, but a london caterer who could deliver their service within the constraints of a live television broadcast and impress a disparate bunch of contestants who’ve spent 37 days isolated from reality. The challenge for Chelsea Events was to secretly enter the Big Brother house without alerting the contestants and maintain their complete isolation from contact with the outside world, then, within 30 minutes, set up a fine dining feast for the contestants to enjoy. The set up – within 23 minutes – and meal were a complete success! Contestant Makosi said “It’s awesome, all we need now is music and we’ll have the perfect night” The meal was also a major feature in the Sunday papers. To meet the brief of ‘a wow factor in both visual impact and taste’ the menu included: Salad of Cellophane Noodles, Lemongrass and Chervil, with Marinated Prawns and Crayfish Tails, Mizuna, Soured Cream and Caviar or (V) Caesar Salad with soft Quails Egg and Chargrilled Asparagus Main Course Fillet of Beef with Purple Basil, Virgin Olive Oil and Deep-Fried Capers or (V) Aubergine Charlotte Dessert Croquembouche with fresh strawberries (profiterole tower, with fresh cream and rich chocolate sauce) Veronica Goff, Executive Chef, Chelsea Events commented, “We’ve worked in some inaccessible locations and under severe time constraints but this was a challenge to beat them all. Not only do Endemol (series producer) set a tough agenda for the Big Brother contestants they also ensure Chelsea Events operated to the extremes of its abilities. An experience we enjoyed achieving and an interesting success to add to all our CVs.”

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