Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cardiff Pinacle award new contract to Missing Ingredients

Cardif Pinnacle has awarded Missing Ingredients- the Crown Group’s Business and Industry Caterer, a one year rolling contract to provide catering services from July 2005 across its four sites in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

The contract has an estimated annual turnover of £300k, of which Rushes Restaurant makes a major contribution, will require 11 new MI team members to operate over the four sites.

Cardif Pinnacle was formed in 1971 and is established as a leading supplier of financial services and investment products. MI won the contract from a local catering company who operated over only two of Cardif Pinnacle sites.

MI will be providing a comprehensive catering service at each site to over 600 staff. One of the sites to receive a MI makeover is Rushes Restaurant and Café Bar, a popular, high street style venue offering speciality coffee, caesar salads, baguettes and mouth watering main courses, such as sausages infused in mash potato and organic vegetables.

An additional Cardif Pinnacle site that MI will be responsible for was not previously providing a catering facility, yet Cardif Pinnacle expressed a keen desire to do so. ‘New Horizons’ will now offer ‘Grab’n’ Go’- a brand from MI’s Deliverance Range to include freshly made sandwiches, paninis and a selection of snacks and drinks.

MI competed against four other caterers, including Compass Group, to gain the contract which will see the company design, develop and build the new catering facilities. “We came in with realistic pricing levels and innovation,” explains MI's Managing Director Sean Valentine. “MI has the reputation of Midsummer House, a two Michelin star restaurant, which is regarded highly in terms of focus on quality and an excellent place to train chefs. “

For more information about the catering services Missing Ingredients could provide for your event please visit thier website at:

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